Remedinature Comfrey


About the product
  • Made in Yorkshire, UK. Over the years, the unique formula is loved by thousands of UK customers. It is now available by your hand.
  • No artifical colors, No parabens, No chemical additives. Only natural ingredients used. Imagining no more skin rash caused by harmful chemicals, leaving you a real natural comforting experience
  • Easy to apply on joint, muscle, knee, back, hand, elbow and body ect. No water dilution, More effective than a cream. No burning sensations. Reputed for soothing & comforting rather than suppressing pains and aches. A little goes a long way.
  • No unpleasant odour, great to use in any time and in any situation.
  • Most customers benefit from having 2 jars, one for the home, one for workplace, or one for you and one for the person you care.


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